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What if tipping was required in Japan?

Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

TOKYO — “Please can I give you a tip? In America, we have this custom, you know. I have to tip the pizza guy. And you came all the way out here in this weather…”

In America, it is common to tip when you eat at a restaurant. Currently, Japan does not have a tipping system. But what if you were required to tip in Japan? What are you thoughts about this? Please answer in the comments below.

Pronunciation - Money / 発音 - お金

Hi everyone, my name is Alan and in this pronunciation video, we go over money. As the say, money makes the world go round. So it'd be best if you hurry and learn how to pronounce the different types of money that the American dollar system uses. Thanks for viewing and you can check out the list below.

  • Penny (1 cent)
  • Nickel (5 cents)
  • Dime (10 cents)
  • Quarter (25 cents)
  • Dollar (100 cents)

Pronunciation - Money - YouTube

Pronunciation - Numbers / 発音 - 数字

Hey there, Alan here. I'll be going over numbers in this pronunciation video. Keep in mind that this video will only go over the big number notations such as hundred, thousand, and so on. I've listed what I'll be going over in the video below. Thank you for reading and have fun. Although it might be hard having fun with numbers, unless you're one of those people who like numbers, which I'm totally cool with.

  • Hundred
  • Thousand
  • Hundred Thousand
  • Million
  • Hundred million
  • Billion
  • Trillion

Pronunciation - Numbers - YouTube